quick question (hopefully?). I have a modal (click the button and the thing/content pops up) - inside the modal I have text that I wanted to have someone click and it opens another modal in front.

The intial modal is:

<button class="btn btn-two shortcode-popup-trigger" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#modal-group-5">MORE INFO</button>

Then inside I used the exact same line but changed the modal ID to the other modal I wanted to open. This works, except the new modal opens BEHIND the current one. Is anyone able to help me with this? I appreciate it!

It's the same Modal module so guessing .modal's z-index is same for both modals. Why don't you try different z-indexes for each modal?

#modal-group-4 {
    z-index: 400;

#modal-group-5 {
    z-index: 500;

If this doesn't work. Then you can try closing the first modal and then showing it back when the second modal is closed. Something like this,

To close the first modal:

<button class="btn btn-two shortcode-popup-trigger" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#modal-group-5" onclick="jQuery('#modal-group-4').modal('toggle');">MORE INFO</button>

To reopen the first modal, we need to listen for closing event of the second one,

$('#modal-group-5').on('hidden.bs.modal', function () {

Note: The above method is supported in Bootstrap 3 only. For lower versions, use this

$('#modal-group-5').on('hidden', function () {

Method # 2 Source

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