I was looking into to fetch appIcon and App Launch image programmatically in the app, to recreate a Splash Screen. The entire code is written in objective C

I knew that if any image is present in assets library, I would be able to fetch it via the asset name itself, i.e. [UIImage imageNamed:"-your-asset-name"]. But I failed when I tried for appIcon/LaunchImage.

Although the workaround would be to store the images in separates asset folders, i.e. I can keep the app icon as a custom image within the same asset as well as in the corresponding appIcon and LaunchImage assets. and access it, I was wondering why the simple accessing of app icon/launch image is failing, as I am unable to find any supporting docs from Apple.

Can anyone clarify this part.

P.S: I just looked into How to get UIImage of AppIcon? and found that [UIImage imageNamed:@"AppIcon40x40"] does provide me the appIcon. However that doesn't work for LaunchImage.

Look into this link for solutions iOS 7 / Xcode 5: Access device launch images programmatically

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