New versions of mercurial will apply colors to the output of most commands and will pipe commands with long output to a pager. How do I restore the old behavior to not color output and never use a pager?

  • Thanks for your Q&A. Ran into the same thing, although I am not bothered by color. But the uncalled pagination reminded me of a very patronizing DVCS. May 23, 2018 at 20:19

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Add the following to your .hgrc:

color = never
paginate = never

When working with commandline, you can also add parameters or options to your commands. This is however not permanent. The hg --help --verbose reveals:

--color TYPE        when to colorize (boolean, always, auto, never, or debug)
--pager TYPE        when to paginate (boolean, always, auto, or never)
                    (default: auto)

So the next command disables your pager and does not show any colors:

hg incoming --pager never --color never

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