• Appveyor Visual Studio 2017 image
  • Simple command in the install: section of the .appveyor.yaml:

    docker run --rm -v c:/Users:/data alpine ls /data

I always get

docker: Error response from daemon: invalid bind mount spec "c:/Users:/data": 
invalid volume specification: 'c:\Users:\data'.

I've tried lots of ways of specifying the volume (//c/Users, /c/Users, LOTS)

It's possible that appveyor image doesn't have the C drive shared and that's the problem? How would we cause it to be shared?

  • Over in github.com/docker/for-win/issues/888 @friism says that it's not possible to run linux containers on Windows Server 2016 + Docker-ee. That would be unfortunate! – rfay Jul 5 '17 at 14:16
  • Per discussion with Appveyor support this is a nonstarter. 1. Appveyor test containers (Windows) are created with docker-ee, so docker-ee is set up with windows containers. 2. Those containers (used for test) do not have the capability of running nested virtualization, meaning they have no way to run linux containers. – rfay Jul 5 '17 at 20:13
  • As of Feb 2019 the Windows Server 2019 image with linux containers is supported, but has to be explicitly added to user account. – rfay Feb 21 '19 at 15:50

For Windows correct mounting syntax is c:/Users:c:/data (to mount host directory C:\Users as container directory C:\data):

docker run --rm -v c:/Users:c:/data alpine dir c:\data
  • Thanks... but this is Windows host being mounted into a linux container. The example I gave used related syntax right? docker run --rm -v c:/Users:/data – rfay Jul 4 '17 at 23:04

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