I've added this code to my functions.php file:

function wpgood_nav_search( $items, $args ) {
$items .= '<li>' . get_search_form( false ) . '</li>';
return $items;
add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items','wpgood_nav_search', 10, 2 );

I've found it here: adding search bar to the nav menu in wordpress

The problem: this code adds the search bar to desktop and mobile menus, but I need to add the search bar only to my mobile menu, because the desktop version of my site already has a search widget in the left sidebar.

How can I do this? Please, help me. Thanks!

Initializiation of my menus in functions.php :

// Initialize navigation menus
        'primary-menu' => esc_html__( 'Primary Menu', 'bento' ),
        'footer-menu' => esc_html__( 'Footer Menu', 'bento' ),

Thank you so much for your help! Finally I have decided to use my initial code and edit the searchbar's position and style with css, because I am not so good in coding:)


Use the javascript code for adding the search box for mobile menu

// your html code to append
<li><form role="search" method="get" id="searchform" class="search-form" action="https://bookyspace.com/"><div class="search-form-wrap"> <input type="text" value="" name="s" id="s" class="search-form-input" placeholder="Знайти.."> <input type="submit" id="searchsubmit" class="button submit-button" value=""></div></form></li>


  • Does not work, mobile menu becomes unclickable, I see chaos in header of desktop menu :( thank you for your reply – Vladislav Tiaglo Jul 4 '17 at 11:58

Basically do you do that by several process. Like following

  • By using jquery append function you can do. Paste this code in template JS file
    <form role="search" method="get" id="searchform" class="search-form" action="https://yourdomain.com/">
    	<div class="search-form-wrap"> 
    		<input type="text" value="" name="s" id="s" class="search-form-input" placeholder="search any"/> 
    		<input type="submit" id="searchsubmit" class="button submit-button" value="Search"/>

Only on mobile devices visible that using CSS display property & hide that part from desktop/tablet devices.


Put the following code in functions.php which is located in your theme folder

function add_last_nav_item($items, $args) {
  if ($args->menu == 'header_menu') {
        $homelink = get_search_form();
        $items = $items;
        $items .= '<li>'.$homelink.'</li>';
        return $items;
  return $items;
add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'add_last_nav_item', 10, 2 );

Here get_search_form() is function to get search box.

  • This just adds search bar to both menus, desktop and mobile, i`ve already done it with my code. Do you know how to apply this just for mobile menu? – Vladislav Tiaglo Jul 4 '17 at 12:00

@Vladislav Tiaglo

Add a class in the li item to the code you already used and said it´s working for both desktop and mobile:

<li> Add class to <li class="searchbox-position">

Then, in your css you code to hide the display for desktop:

@media (min-width: 840px) {
li.searchbox-position {
    display: none !important;

Easiest way to make it work

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