I have the following index and query

@Document(indexName="idx", type="worker")
public class Worker {
    @Field(type = FieldType.Long)
    private Long id;
    @Field(type = FieldType.String)
    private String firstName;
    @Field(type = FieldType.String)
    private String lastName;

public interface WRepo extends ElasticsearchRepository<Worker, Long> {

        "query": {"match": {"firstName": "?0"}},
        "filter": {"terms" : {"id" : ***ids***}}
    Page<Worker> searchWorker(String firstName, List<Long> ids, Pageable pageable);

Number of ids is changable, when adding ids static like

{"id" : [101, 102, 103]}

it works as expected, my question is how can I pass id list from method signature like firstName field

{"firstName": "?0"}


I changed method body below

    "query": {"match": {"firstName": "?0"}},
    "filter": {"terms" : {"id" : [?1]}}
Page<Worker> searchWorker(String firstName, String ids, Pageable pageable);

and make my request as:

repository.searchProduct("firstName", "101,102", pageable)

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