I've just set up my Macbook for flutter development,

So I downloaded flutter SDK, and placed it in my Documents. After, I set up my path variable to work with flutter in my command line.

I execute the command flutter create todolist so I achieve a blank project.

I also set up my visual studio code with Dart-Code so I have the proper syntax highlight, IntelliSense, etc.

So when I open visual studio code, it highlights the import method, like the following image:

first line of the code

This means that it also highlights the classes that are correct, making it completely hard to understand if it's a real error or not.

I have executed both pub get and flutter packages get and got everything correctly. I have my path variables all correctly.

Why is it highlighting it cannot find that 'import' package?


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Restarting Visual Studio Code after

flutter pub get

resolved the error messages for me.

source: https://flutter.dev/docs/development/packages-and-plugins/using-packages


Author of the Dart Code plugin here! From the screenshot, I would say this is because your flutter project is in a sub-folder of the folder open in Code. We only scan the opened-folder to check whether it's a Flutter project - which then changes the SDK we launch and also enables the Flutter functionality (like the daemon and debugger).

You should re-open the "todo" folder directly.

If you want to have multiple projects open together, use multi-root workspaces, since Dart Code is multi-root-aware and will check each of the folders in the workspace when deciding if it needs to enable Flutter functionality.


This case should be better supported in the Dart plugin now, so opening the immediate parent folder of a Flutter project should work as expected.

  • I've been mumbling for 20 minutes at this package error, moving my installation folder around and stuff like that ... I just opened the wrong folder. I'm a moron. Thank you :) – Miiite Aug 19 '18 at 21:32
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    Unfortunately, as of Flutter 1.0, when using VS Code and following the Flutter.io Get Started tutorial, this lack of package detection is rearing is ugly head again. The plugin properly runs "flutter packages get", but VS Code doesn't see the package and does all of the code underlining as if it were an error across the relevant classes. Restarting VS Code make the error lines go away once I loaded the project folder again. Maybe it's a regression error? – CokoBWare Dec 6 '18 at 17:22
  • @CokoBWare Do you mean when using the Flutter: New Project command? I just tested it here and once the package update had finished, all red squiggles disappeared. – Danny Tuppeny Dec 6 '18 at 21:30
  • @DannyTuppeny was fixed for Flutter Projects but not for Dart Projects. Either way for now I just right click on pubspec.yaml and run Get Packages – user603749 Apr 23 '19 at 22:53
  • @user603749 there's no reason this shouldn't work for Dart too. Please open an issue on GitHub with details of what you see so I can investigate. Thanks! – Danny Tuppeny Apr 24 '19 at 15:24

flutter clean

flutter packages get

flutter packages upgrade ( Optional - use if you want to upgrade packages )

Restart Android Studio or Visual Studio


If you have used the flutter packages get command and the error still persists, you can simply reload VS code the Developer: Reload Window command. Simply type that in after pressing Ctrl+Shift+P (Cmd+Shift+P for Mac users). It will clear the error. It's like refreshing VS Code.


Restart the VS Code you will see magic! If that's not work check the indent in the pubsepec.yaml


This worked for me in Android Studio as well as VS Code. I only had to run these lines in my terminal/command prompt and problem was solved. There was no need to restart any of the IDEs again

  • flutter packages get

Optionally you also run.

  • flutter upgrade

Restarting visual studio code worked for me !

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  • Worked on Android Studio too. This belongs as an answer otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. – buckleyJohnson Jan 17 at 19:34
  • Restarting the VSCode runs flutter pub get command which can fix the issue. – Pramod Apr 11 at 15:37

The quickest way to get Dart-Code to reliably find your Flutter install and use it is to create a new FLUTTER_ROOT environment variable and set it to your Flutter path.


Open the command palette (ctrl+shift+p), type flutter: get packages (should autocomplete); after it resolves open the command palette again and type reload window and execute the command. This should resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Open the project after deleting .idea folder and .dart_tool


Close the VS Code and Run it again


-Edit:- Now this happens most of the time to me, whenever I open some old project(flutter project), it is basically because of not downloading or not having the packages to refer, for the vscode, In simple just blindly do A PUB GET or just hit CTRL/COMMAND + s, and you are good to go(sometimes it might take some time to get everything set(depends on your system specs.))!

-old answer starts here!

Simple thing I did after Someone said here to restart the VSCode and I did that, and now everything works fine.

For me it was because just when I was creating project I got an notification for updating my dart(or related) extension and for that I did it and boom as my project started, it just gave me around 30 errors which do scared but the simple FIX was to RESTART THE EDITOR.



  1. Check for correct indentation of your package in dependencies
  2. if your editor supports, it automatically runs -> flutter pub get
  3. Either way -> open terminal-> flutter pub get or flutter packages get
  4. check .packages file, see if your package is present else reinstall package
  5. Most important : Restart your IDE (Visual studio or Android Studio)

Start debugging your project

Most probably , your errors will be fixed by then

Hope it works for you


try to run flutter clean

then restart VS Code. This did it for me.


I also had this issue. I had both VS code and Android studio installed in my system.

The error was in VS code.

When i opened the same project on Android studio, the dependency was not actually added to pubsec.yaml. I added it there and ran pub.get.

When I returned to VS Code and everything was working fine.

So, Try opening it in other editor if you have, or through NotePad.


Opening widget_test.dart and running it should also solve your issue.


Also happened to me while trying to run the project inside of another directory.

Worked by using the root directory of the main project


Just add dependencies: http: ^0.12.0 in pubspec.yaml file please check http documentation


If you execute From the terminal: "Run flutter packages get" and the error continues, check is all packages directories are listed at '.packages' file. - Sometime you have the packages, but it is not configured at this file.


Execute one of the following:

  • flutter upgrade

  • flutter pub get

  • flutter packages get


Warning! This package referenced a Flutter repository via the .packages file that is no longer available. The repository from which the 'flutter' tool is currently executing will be used instead.
running Flutter tool: /opt/flutter previous reference : /Users/Shared/Library/flutter This can happen if you deleted or moved your copy of the Flutter repository, or if it was on a volume that is no longer mounted or has been mounted at a different location. Please check your system path to verify that you are running the expected version (run 'flutter --version' to see which flutter is on your path).

Checking the output of the flutter packages get reveals that the reason in my case was due to moving the flutter sdk.


Do not forget:

export PATH="$PATH:/home/[xxxxx]/flutter/bin

For me, it works:

flutter upgrade

flutter packages get

You can check with

flutter doctor

flutter --version

Go to pubsec.yaml file and add this directly after cupertino_icons:


Then press Packages get on the top right corner and it will work fine with you.


Sometimes, this issue is resolved simply by running flutter pub get once again...

packages get to make sure that all packages are considered...

as when moving the project from one computer to another, this may happen, that the packages are not taken into consideration, so flutter pub get and there you go !!!


I was using (goggle location picker (with much more customisation in functions and UI) ) so I copy this package(complete) and using in my app in one folder but since dart code analyser analyses one flutter project so I found that those which are referencing from inside of this package is not working then I copy only lib folder(of google location picker) in my original project folder and voila this worked for me. This solution took me a time of 3 days. I know this is not the question but it might help someone to save 3 days.


I had this problem in Android Studio with the rflutter_alert package. After inserting the dependencies, I imported the package in my project with ctrl+space key and I have added import 'package:rflutter_alert/'; the problem is that this was not correct. The correct form was package:rflutter_alert/rflutter_alert.dart right vs wrong comparison


Don't forget to save pubspec.yaml before running "flutter pub get". Restarting Visual Studio Code is not enough. That was my solution. Sometimes when you work with intellij you forget that ...


Add dependencies. for example:- import 'package:audioplayers/audio_cache.dart'; in the above package if we only use this package then it shows error but if we add dependencies in pubspec.yaml such as

      sdk: flutter
    cupertino_icons: ^0.1.2
    audioplayers: ^0.14.1

enter image description here

then click on packages get.

as you see this, I can also insert dependencies so if you insert dependencies along with your package then you are good to go.


When you usually get this error message:

Target of URI doesn't exist: 'package:foo'. Try creating the file referenced by the URI, or Try using a URI for a file that does exist.


Target of URI doesn't exist: 'package:random_string/random_string.dart'. Try creating the file referenced by the URI, or Try using a URI for a file that does exist.

import 'package:random_string/random_string.dart';

It is because a dependency is missing.

So all you have to do is find out what packages are needed by googling your package name.

enter image description here

Install the dependency:

$ flutter pub get

and add the dependency in the pubspec.yaml file:

enter image description here


I was trying use the audio players flutter package. Once I added it to pubspec.yaml and tried to import it to main.dart, I got the same error.

I tried to restart my IDE but that didn't help so i tried running flutter packages pub cache repair and it worked.

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I was following the Flutter get started tutorial and VSCode could not find the package for english_words, despite it showing in pubspeck.lock and .packages. Hot reload didn't work.

To make it work, I stopped the instance and re-run it - so I didn't have to restart VSCode.

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