The vertical column that contains the code line number is VSC is too wide. Is there a way to narrow it down?

vsc view of line numbers

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You can't change the size of this column.

Actually there are three columns:

enter image description here

  • left of the linenumber is the column called glyphMargin, the place to set debugging breakpoints (red dot). (When you edit settings, the column displays a pen when you point on the line as seen in the screenshots below)
  • the line number itself
  • right of it you can fold/unfold your code.

If all three are active, it looks like this (settings) or a like above (code)

enter image description here

To save space you can

  • switch off the display of line numbers:

    "editor.lineNumbers": "off"

    enter image description here

  • switch off the code folding feature:

    "editor.folding": false

    enter image description here

  • if you don't use the debugger, disable the glyphMargin:

    "editor.glyphMargin": false

    enter image description here

This is probably not what you want, but if you don't use code folding or the debugger or don't need linenumbers, you can at least save a little bit of space. To change these settings press ctrl, or click on the menu file/preferences/settings.

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