I have an issue and I have been struggling with for weeks, almost a month, I am working on this website for a real estate agent in Toronto, Ontario and the last thing I have to do is get the listing on her website. We are using Wordpress wp-residence theme, this theme is compatible with iHomefinder, however the data I get from iHomefinder does not work with the themes features (maps, searches and even styles) I read somewhere that the only way to use these theme features is to add the listing manually. I found this plugin that will import all the listings


But now I need to get my listings in the form of XML, CSV or XLS. I have all my login info and url to get my listing, however in the instructions it says I need to connect via RETS Client, which I do not have...is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction?


You'll need to use an IDX plugin.

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