I have built a web extension addon for Firefox and Chrome. In Chrome, the address bar is empty, which is why I want Firefox too.

If I click on "new tab", the following URL is set on the address bar: moz-extension://5a4137a2-ede8-4f1d-838c-20069831ab38/index.html. Can I change this to something else? An empty address bar would be great.

This is my manifest.json

  "chrome_url_overrides" : {
    "newtab": "index.html"

  "permissions": [

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There was a bug in Firefox that did not clear the address bar, but it's fixed as of Firefox 57.

You can customize the tab title by setting the <title> element in your new tab page's HTML. From documentation for the extension manifest.json file:

It's very good practice to include a for the page, or the tab's title will be the "moz-extension://..." URL.

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