I want to compile zsim (https://github.com/s5z/zsim)

~/zsim$ scons -j16

then there is an error message

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Building opt zsim at build/opt
ERROR: You need to define the $PINPATH environment variable with Pin's path

but when i just common pin

$ pin
E: Missing application name
Pin 3.2
Copyright (c) 2003-2016, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
VERSION: 81201 DATE: Feb  2 2017
Usage: pin [OPTION] [-t <tool> [<toolargs>]] -- <command line>
Use -help for a description of options

it can find pin, how can fix it,thanks

os:ubuntu 12.04 gcc:4.6.3 g++:4.6.3 pin:3.2


A quick look at the readme specifies the following: (https://github.com/s5z/zsim/blob/master/README.md)

Download Pin, http://www.pintool.org . Tested with Pin 2.8+ on an x86-64 architecture. Compiler flags are set up for Pin 2.9 on x86-64. To get flags for other versions, examine the Pin makefile or derive from sample pintools. Set the PINPATH environment variable to Pin's base directory.

Sounds like you need to do the following

export PINPATH=<Base directory of your pin install>
  • It's work! But appear another error scons: *** [build/opt/access_tracing.ot] Error 1 scons: *** [build/opt/access_tracing.os] Error 1 scons: *** [build/opt/decoder.os] Error 1 scons: *** [build/opt/detailed_mem.os] Error 1 scons: *** [build/opt/contention_sim.os] Error 1 scons: building terminated because of errors. – 呂宗穎 Jul 6 '17 at 2:38
  • i use pin-2.14 and it work! – 呂宗穎 Jul 6 '17 at 3:32

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