I am on PyCharm 2017.1.4 with Darcula theme. I don't see how to change the color of the named argument, which is currently undistinguishable for me. I have been into Editors > Colors & Fonts but it seems that everything is tunable apart from that.

example of bad argument name coloring


What type of file is this? In PyCharm you can configure different color settings for different types of files. Since this is tagged with PyCharm and Python, I'm going to assume it's a Python file. If it's a different kind of file, select the correct type of file instead of Python.

Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | Python | Keyword argument

Side note, I looked at Darcula, and what you show does not look like Darcula for Python. If you really are using Python, I would consider Restore Defaults... for your color scheme, or looking into it more because something seems off to me. This is what Darcula looks like to me.

enter image description here

  • it was python and darcula indeed. Maybe I changed some colors without nothing it. anyway, thanks ! – ClementWalter Jul 7 '17 at 10:58

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