I've just installed Encore to test it and start using it in my projects (great great work!!! Really, thank you!).

I'm immediately having an issue.

When trying to run ./node_modules/.bin/encore dev I receive the exception:

Cannot determine webpack context. (Are you executing webpack from a directory outside of your project?). Try passing the --context option.

I've simply followed the instructions in the official documentation about the first example and the result is this exception.

My project is structured like so:

- app
- bin
- nome_modules
- src
- tests
- var
- vendor
- web

So, basically, I have the classical structure of a Symfony 3.3 project, plus some folders related to JS.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

This is the very first time I approach a more sophisticated solution to manage css and javascript assets.

Unitl now I've done all putting those files in src/AppBundle/Resources/public/ so I'm not very experienced with this new flow.

Thank you!


The problem was that I din't run npm init and then npm install.

The library requires a package.json file that is created by npm.

More info here.

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