I am trying to load an application on my iphone and this is the error I am receiving. Does anyone know how to fix this. I have searched the forums and S.O. and I cannot find the answer.

The entitlements specified in your application’s Code Signing Entitlements file do not match those specified in your provisioning profile.


This may have already been answered. Take a look here: The executable was signed with invalid entitlements

  • No...I already came across that thread and tried all the offered solutions, none of them worked – Michael Dec 20 '10 at 23:15

Well....after a few hours I figured out the problem. I included the Entitlements.plist into my build setting and it worked. Now my question is why did it work once I included this???

  • Isn't that the most upvoted answer to the question that Matthew linked you to? – Steven Fisher Dec 20 '10 at 23:40
  • I read that article last night trying to fix this problem..so my mind was a little cloudy and I wrote it off. Although when I tried it, it obviously didn't work or else I wouldn't have posted here. I apologize Matt – Michael Dec 20 '10 at 23:48

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