Which browsers are supported?

On which mobile phones can I use the application?

On which devices does it run best or how do I get the best results?

Which VR devices can I use?


Archilogic runs entirely within your Browser. So all you need is a modern Browser that supports webGl.

Here you can test your browser:

The following browsers currently support WebGL – the technology the application is based on: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 8+

If you run Internet Explorer 10 or older, you need to update to version 11 or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. If you run Safari 7 or older on Mac OSX, you can enable WebGl following these instructions:

Open the Safari menu and select Preferences Click the Advanced tab in the Preferences window Then, at the bottom of the window, check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox Then, open the Develop menu in the menu bar and select Enable WebGL or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

On mobile devices iOS 8 + and Android 4.4 + are supported.

The best results you get on a device with a strong GPU component (a good graphics card). however the application is designed to be very user and mobile friendly - this means that you get a mobile-friendly version for your model - the files are smaller to download and less heavy on your mobile's graphics card and processor.

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