when I run the following query,

select * from stl_query q
join pg_user u on q.userid = u.usesysid
where u.usename = 'admin';

I get the following error:

SQL Error [500310] [0A000]: [Amazon](500310) Invalid operation: Specified types or functions (one per INFO message) not supported on Redshift tables.;

The query is run on the leader node. What am I doing wrong?


pg_user is a Leader Node-Only Function and cannot be mixed with functions that are not Leader Node-Only.

From the documentation:

Some Amazon Redshift SQL functions are supported only on the leader node and are not supported on the compute nodes. A query that uses a leader-node function must execute exclusively on the leader node, not on the compute nodes, or it will return an error.

The documentation for each leader-node only function includes a note stating that the function will return an error if it references user-defined tables or Amazon Redshift system tables.

Source: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/dg/c_SQL_functions_leader_node_only.html

As a work around in your scenario, you can generate a temp table with the subset of pg_user data that you need, then join to that temp table.

select usesysid 
into temp table tmp_user
from pg_user
where usename = 'admin';

select * from stl_query q
inner join tmp_user u on q.userid = u.usesysid;
  • @Faiz Care to explain why? If you add more detail then perhaps I can help you. Feb 19 '19 at 19:16

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