Before upgrading to rails 5.1 i test my rails app via integration tests. And 70% of my rails app is automated via integration tests. Means all of application simple and complex behaviors are automated via integration tests. Off-course rails did not provided any java-script based testing.

With Arrival of Rails 5.1 they include system tests and said that every app interact with java-script and now you can test your app end to end scenarios like a real user interacting with browser. So my manager ask me to move all integration tests to system tests. Ok good! we can test our application the way our users experience it and help us test JavaScript as well.

Definitely system test can cover almost all integration tests as well. So whats the importance of integration testing now ?

Why should someone write integration test in Rails 5.1 when he can write same test case in System test?

Thanks in advance.

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I wonder the same, but from this I get the impression that system tests will replace integration testing - however, the only drawback seems to be speed and resource usage.

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