Currently learning npm.

I have 2 dist-tags, beta: 1.0.1 & latest: 1.0.1.

I want to remove beta: 1.0.1 & I'm not able to do it.

I tried the following, doesn't work.

npm dist-tag rm beta 1.0.1  
npm dist-tag rm beta 
npm dist-tag rm 1.0.1

Worst condition, npm docs doesn't have examples on how to remove a dist-tag!

Edit: As suggested, gone through the github page. Contributors asking to update npm. Still didn't work.


According to this how-to-npm GitHub issue, you should remove dist-tags like this:

npm dist-tag rm <module name>@1.0.1 beta

Where <module name> is copied from "name" parameter in package.json:

  "name": "@user/exampleNameOfModule", 
  ...                 |
                      - copy this, without quotes
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    This should read ``` npm dist-tag rm <module name> beta ``` It does not appear to work if you include a version. – Lee Chase Jul 16 at 10:18
  • When removing a tag, do not specify a version. – alsotang Aug 21 at 3:08

Try enclosing it in quotes: npm dist-tag rm "beta 1.0.1"

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