I often see files named 'blabla.exe:Zone.Identifier' when monitoring I/O with Process Monitor.
The files are seen on network-drives.

alt text

  • What are Zone.Identifier files?
  • What does the colon mean in the filename?
  • Is the colon related the file's extended attributes?
  • How do I prevent these files from being created when I copy code files from Windows Explorer to a WSL directory?
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  • The only way that I found to deal with these annoying "ZoneIdentifier" files was by creating an alias alias rzi="rm -rf **/*Zone.Identifier" and running it right before copy files. The other good one was adding **/*Zone.Identifier on the .gitignore file of my projects.
    – equiman
    May 13 at 0:33

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The text after the colon is an identifier for an "Alternate Data Stream". ADS is used to store meta-information about the file. For example, the Zone identifier stores whether the file was downloaded from the internet.

Some specific info: About URL Security Zones, Zone.Identifier Stream Name

Best is to google around for more information. Eg. this, this and this.

Finally, here's Streams, the Sysinternals tool for ADS.


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