a form like this:

<form action='1.php' method='post'>
u:<input name='u' type='text'/><br />
p:<input name='p' type='password'/><br />
<input value='submit' type='submit'/>

and how can i auto get the form data use perl6? lkie this:

my $form = xxx($the_form_url)

and the result like this:

#output like that:

have shome modules in perl6? please..

  • Are you looking for a WWW::Mechanize like module in Perl 6? – Håkon Hægland Jul 7 '17 at 19:19
  • 1
    I'm not up to date on P6 webdev, but at the time of writing this the #1 place to browse P6 modules that folk have shared is modules.perl6.org (mpo). (CPAN / metaCPAN support is work in progress.) A search of mpo for 'params' lists HTTP::ParseParams. It looks like you'd need to use it with something that handles requests. I see modules matching 'http', 'request', 'cgi', 'web'. I know szabgab et al are currently fleshing out Bailador. – raiph Jul 9 '17 at 14:20

Bailador is indeed a good tip.

But if you want a more CGI-line approach, have a look at SCGI; https://github.com/supernovus/SCGI

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