Constraint layout is not well placed. It always views on top left corner, but in design view it shows in the whole display. I want to display the app in full screen mode.

This is a screenshot of what's happening:

enter image description here

  • Please include your layout here instead of a link to a screenshot of it. – pablobu Jul 9 '17 at 1:26

It seems that you've set your RelativeLayout to a layout_width of 364dp and a layout_height of 494dp. It looks fine on your preview because you are using a Nexus 4 (look above your preview) as your preview but you are testing with a emulated Nexus 5. Due to the fact that you've coded the resolution to be 364dpx494dp (which is fine for a Nexus 4) your view will look different on different devices as they have difference screens. You should try changing your layout_height and layout_width to fill_parent


Try to change width of RelativeLayout to match_parent and set layout_gravity to bottom

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