I have a large application and I am using Headless Chrome, Selenium and Python to test each module. I want to go through each module and get all the JS console errors produced while inside that specific module.

However, since each module is inside a different test case and each case executes in a separate session, the script first has to login on every test. The login process itself produces a number of errors that show up in the console. When testing each module I don't want the unrelated login errors to appear in the log.

Basically, clear anything that is in the logs right now -> go to the module and do something -> get logs that have been added to the console.

Is this not possible? I tried doing driver.execute_script("console.clear()") but the messages in the console were not removed and the login-related messages were still showing after doing something and printing the logs.


State in 2017 and late 2018

The logging API is not part of the official Webdriver specification yet.

In fact, it's requested to be defined for the level 2 specification. In mid 2017 only the Chromedriver has an undocumented non-standard implementation of that command.

In the sources there's no trace of a method for clearing logs:

Possible Workaround

The returned (raw) data structure is a dictionary that looks like this:

    u'source': u'console-api',
    u'message': u'http://localhost:7071/console.html 8:9 "error"',
    u'timestamp': 1499611688822,
    u'level': u'SEVERE'

It contains a timestamp that can be remembered so that subsequent calls to get_log() may filter for newer timestamps.


class WebdriverLogFacade(object):

    last_timestamp = 0

    def __init__(self, webdriver):
        self._webdriver = webdriver

    def get_log(self):
        last_timestamp = self.last_timestamp
        entries = self._webdriver.get_log("browser")
        filtered = []

        for entry in entries:
            # check the logged timestamp against the 
            # stored timestamp
            if entry["timestamp"] > self.last_timestamp:

                # save the last timestamp only if newer 
                # in this set of logs
                if entry["timestamp"] > last_timestamp:
                    last_timestamp = entry["timestamp"]

        # store the very last timestamp
        self.last_timestamp = last_timestamp

        return filtered


log_facade = WebdriverLogFacade(driver)
logs = log_facade.get_log()

# more logs will be generated

logs = log_facade.get_log()
# newest log returned only
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