I have two models Business and Products.

I have an event which fires whenever the price of a product changes, an event listener will calculate the min and max aggregate values of the businesses products and store them within the Business model (while I know this can be done dynamically, this is required for indexing and searches).

In my event listener handle I have the following:

public function handle(ProductModified $event)
    $business = $event->product->business;

    $aggregate_values = Product::join('business', 'product.business_id', '=', 'business.id')->where('business.business_id', '=', $business->id)->groupBy('business.business_id')->get(['product.business_id', DB::raw('max(product.price) as max_cost, min(product.price) as min_cost')]);

    Log::info('aggregate values: ' . $aggregate_values);

    $business->min_cost = $aggregate_values->min_cost;
    $business->max_cost = $aggregate_values->max_cost;


Using the code above I receive the following error:

Property [min_cost] does not exist on this collection instance.

My understanding is that I'll have to do a Business:find() to initiate the model and then update it. Is yes, is there a more efficient way to do this as this will call another query? Otherwise could someone tell me the correct way to update the related model?

Actually, Query return Laravel Collection object instead Product Model object. In order to fetch property, you can simply use $aggregate_values->first()->min_cost

If it won't work, you can replace query with this one

$result = Product::select('product.business_id', DB::raw('max(product.price) as max_cost, min(product.price) as min_cost'))->join('business', 'product.business_id', '=', 'business.id')->where('business.business_id', '=', $business->id)->groupBy('business.business_id')->firstOrFail();
$business->min_cost = $result->min_cost;
$business->max_cost = $result->max_cost;

Most efficient way to update related model is by using Eloquent Relationship feature Documentation url

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