I'm writing my first C# application for Windows 10 IoT. I've got everything working, my web requests, etc and I am able to retrieve my desired content to render to the user. But...it's in JSON and I can't seem it into a regular variable so that I can pick just one property.

JSON Result

I tried to add the Nuget package for NewtonSoft JSON (JSON.NET) and that doesn't seem to work on the rPI's ARM CPU. So I started to use the Windows.Data.JSON.JsonObject class instead.

I parse the JSON response for my app using JSonObject.Parse() with this line, and then when I debug, I see the following.

JsonObject meme = JsonObject.Parse(ResponseContent);

enter image description here

I can see all of the values I want right there under meme. JSonObject offers GetNamedString() and GetNamedObject() methods but I get terminating errors for both with: {"A method was called at an unexpected time.\r\n\r\nThis is not a string value. Use ValueType property to get the type."}

I'm coming from PowerShell, where I would just dump the response in $response and pull out the key/value pair with $Response.Views but I've got no idea how this is supposed to work in c#. What I really don't get is why it seems to stay in JSON after parsing it.

My goal is to assign the Followers and Visitors results from JSON to a variable so I can reference them later on. The webrequest works...I just can't seem to get the JSON to Parse.


The JSON on the Watch view is really just for display, but it's already in the type JsonObject as shown in the Type column.

It's saying that the method will not work because the type you are trying to extract cannot be handled by GetNamedString() and GetNamedObject(). You should have a GetNamedValue() method too which will handle the number:


You can also access the value through the index like this:


If you want to make sure it doesn't fail for edge cases in terms of returned JSON values, you can use the meme["whateverJSONkey"].ValueType property and switch/case on that to prevent exceptions

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    This was the answer I needed! I thought I could just call meme.GetNamedValue("views") and assign that to a variable, but adding GetNumber() was the magic ticket! – FoxDeploy Jul 10 '17 at 22:38

I don't know why JSON.NET didn't work, but the following compiles and executes just fine (async-ness left out for brevity):

string s = @"{  

JsonObject data = null;
if (!JsonObject.TryParse(s, out data))
  new MessageDialog("Not valid JSON").ShowAsync();

var followers = data["followers"].GetNumber();
var visitors = data["visitors"].GetNumber();

new MessageDialog(String.Format("You had {0} visitors and {1} followers",
  visitors, followers)).ShowAsync();
  • Thank you! If the value I wanted to pull back was not a number, like Period, should I use GetValue(); instead? – FoxDeploy Jul 12 '17 at 13:28
  • The type of elements in the collection are IJsonValue so you would use the GetString method to retrieve a string. – Peter Torr - MSFT Jul 13 '17 at 1:50

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