I am looking for wechat sharing function like how whatsapp does.


Based on my research, most of them will be encoded in QR code and scan the QR code with wechat scanner. Is there a way to share the text directly to friend when click on sharing button just like how whatsapp does?

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Wechat doesn't have any official deep linking URL for sending a text. However, if you can add some JavaScript Code in your mobile web, you can achieve the share functionality.

Check out Send to chat documentation on Wechat JS SDK.

From JS SDK Documentation:-

    title: '', // Sharing title
    desc: '', // Sharing description
    link: '', // Sharing link
    imgUrl: '', // Sharing image URL
    type: '', // Sharing type, such as “music”, “video “ or “link”. It is “link” by default.
    dataUrl: '', // The data URL should be provided for items of type “music” or “video”. It is null by default.
    success: function () { 
        // Callback function executed after a user confirms sharing
    cancel: function () { 
        // Callback function executed after a user cancels sharing

We do have some unofficial deep linking URL like you mentioned. But it may stop work anytime if Wechat decided to change it.

Here is some of them below, sadly I don't know any URL to share a text to chat.

  • weixin:// - to open Wechat app (if installed)
  • weixin://dl/chat - to open chat screen of Wechat
  • weixin://dl/moments - to open user moements
  • weixin://dl/profile - to open user profile
  • weixin://dl/settings - to open settings page
  • Take a look at this issue: stackoverflow.com/questions/35425553/… As for what it's said there, WeChat banned this URI methods to share from websites. I haven't got to share an URL to WeChat so far. But some method there must be.
    – ElPiter
    Nov 16, 2017 at 8:30

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