so I'm trying to get QJackCtl to launch an instance of alsa_in to control an extra audio device after I start the Jack server. I've put this code in the execute after startup section:

alsa_in -j ZOOM -d hw:CARD=Series

which resulted in hanging QJackCtl until I killed alsa_in in sys monitor. I then tried replacing that with

gnome-terminal -e alsa_in -j ZOOM -d hw:CARD=Series

to launch it in the terminal instead hoping this would work, as it turns out it didn't and I don't really understand how the scripting for QJackCtl works, so any help is appreciated.


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I got 2 USB devices added and working in Jack by saving the following code as a shell script on my desktop, making it executable and then linking to the script in QjackCtl to execute after startup:

/usr/bin/alsa_in -j "Logitech USB Microphone" -d hw:Microphone -q 1 2>&1 1> /dev/null &
/usr/bin/alsa_in -j "Logitech USB Microphone" -d hw:Microphone_1 -q 1 2>&1 1> /dev/null &
echo "USB mics added"

Worked great for me so I hope that helps you too.

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