Where can I find the list of reserved variable names for mib2c "language"? I mean the possible variables that are not described here, like ${name}, which evaluates to the OID name that is passed as the argument to mib2c.c.

  1. Are there any other variables like that?
  2. Is there one that carries the name of the .conf file that was passed to the mib2c.
  • @ikegami I agree. The question 3 is created here – Nazar Jul 13 '17 at 14:27
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Looking at local/mib2c from net-snmp-5.7.3, the pre-populated variables are populated by the following code:

$outputName = $mibnode->{'label'} if (!defined($outputName));
$outputName =~ s/-/_/g;
$vars{'name'} = $outputName;
$vars{'oid'} = $oid;
$vars{'example_start'} = "    /*\n" .
"    ***************************************************\n" .
"    ***             START EXAMPLE CODE              ***\n" .
"    ***---------------------------------------------***/";
$vars{'example_end'} = "    /*\n" .
"    ***---------------------------------------------***\n" .
"    ***              END  EXAMPLE CODE              ***\n" .
"    ***************************************************/";

So, you end up with the following pre-populated variables:

  • $name is the "output prefix" specified using the -f option (or $mibnode->{'label'}, whatever that is, if the -f option wasn't used), with dashes substituted with underscores.
  • $oid is the value of mib2c's argument (called "mibNode" in the usage help).
  • $example_start and $example_end are hard-coded strings.

That's it.

To create $config with the value of the -c argument (or mib2c.conf if the -c option wasn't used), you could alter mib2c to add the following to the assignments shown above:

$vars{config} = $configfile;

Alternatively, I believe the following will also create $config, but the value passed to the -c option will be prepended with a directory name:

@perleval $vars{config} = $configfile; 0@

You could try to obtain the original value with the following (which assumes the original value didn't contain a /);

@perleval $vars{config} = $configfile =~ m{([^/]+)\z}s ? $1 : undef; 0@

Completely untested. I don't know anything about SNMP or mib2c.

  • Thank you. This makes sense. It looks like I can not retrieve the value of the configfile argument that is passed with -c option without editing the mib2c file? I can see in the argument parsing portion of the mib2c, the name of the configuration file is assigned to $configfile variable. However, when I use $configfile inside the .config file, the mib2c evaluates it to nothing. Is there a workaround? – Nazar Jul 13 '17 at 14:05
  • Oh, did not realize that I would put one of the two very last lines with @perleval@ in my .config file. I've got it figured out now! – Nazar Jul 13 '17 at 14:18

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