I am creating a game in VueJS, where, when the page loads, I want a method to fire, make an ajax call to an external API and create a bunch of data properties. When the player wins the round, I want to them to be able to see a button that allows them to restart the game. I am using a mounted() hook to fire the method on page load.

My question is I am not sure how to implement the restart functionality if the game setup and API call are within the mounted() function. Is there a way to run the mounted() function again?



Abstract your initialization into a method, and call the method from mounted and wherever else you want.

new Vue({
      //call API
      //Setup game

Then possibly have a button in your template to start over.

<button v-if="playerWon" @click="init">Play Again</button>

In this button, playerWon represents a boolean value in your data that you would set when the player wins the game so the button appears. You would set it back to false in init.

  • Actually it seems everybody recommends to use the created hook rather than mounted to initialize a component. In particular to fetch data. – Alexis.Rolland Feb 5 at 7:51
  • 1
    @Alexis.Rolland I think initiating async code is probably better in created vs mounted. Your choice of which to use is dependent usually on whether you need access to rendered elements or not. In this specific case, I think OP just wanted a strategy for reusing code called from either mounted or created. – Bert Feb 6 at 13:05

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