It's really hard to find a clear answer about how to create a comment on an issue which is internal only.


The JIRA Cloud REST API Documentation specifies the following schema for setting properties on comments when creating or updating a comment on an incident


"properties": {
    "type": "array",
    "items": {
        "title": "Entity Property",
        "type": "object",
        "properties": {
            "key": {
                "type": "string"
            "value": {}
        "additionalProperties": false

To make a comment on an issue internal (meaning only service desk agents can see the comment) you need to set the sd.public.comment key to have the value { "internal": true } Which can be achieved by passing the following JSON in the body of the create or update API request.

    "properties": {
        "key": "sd.public.comment",
        "value": {
            "internal": true

You will also need to set the Content-Type header on the request.

Content-Type: application/json

The following is an example of a creating an internal comment using a Groovy script - the scripting language used by ScriptRunner (a popular JIRA plugin)

    .header("Content-Type", "application/json")
        body: "This is the text which will appear in the comment",
        properties: [
            [key: "sd.public.comment", value: [ "internal": true ]]

Note that Object / JSON mapping will differ depending on which scripting language or HTTP Request framework you are using.

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