The Google Style Guide for python states that one should: "Use imports for packages and modules only."

Is there a tool that flags violations of this suggestion?

Pylint does NOT do it. For example, following: Is there a tool to lint Python based on the Google style guide?

Creating a the violates the guideline (exists is a function, not a module):

"""Test file for pylint"""
from os.path import exists


Then, running pylint with the rc file does just fine:

$ pylint --rcfile=googlecl-pylint.rc -r n -s n
$ echo $?

Searching through the possible codes:, I don't see anything that looks like it would warn against this.

I have also not seen anything in pep8 or pyflakes that will catch this.

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    Who made Google authority on Python programming conventions? You should stick to the PEP guidelines, those are what's up. – coldspeed Jul 11 '17 at 22:59
  • I am also searching for this. Any luck, @jobevers? – Mitar Jul 28 '17 at 7:49
  • @mitar: none yet. – jobevers Jul 28 '17 at 15:51
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I made the following pylint plugin for this purpose:

import astroid
from pylint import checkers, interfaces
from pylint.checkers import utils

class ImportOnlyModulesChecked(checkers.BaseChecker):
  __implements__ = interfaces.IAstroidChecker

  name = 'import-only-modules'
  priority = -1
  msgs = {
    'W5521': (
      "Import \"%s\" from \"%s\" is not a module.",
      "Only modules should be imported.",

  def visit_importfrom(self, node):
      imported_module = node.do_import_module(node.modname)
    except astroid.AstroidBuildingException:
      # Import errors should be checked elsewhere.

    if node.level is None:
      modname = node.modname
      modname = '.' * node.level + node.modname

    for (name, alias) in node.names:
      # Wildcard imports should be checked elsewhere.
      if name == '*':

        imported_module.import_module(name, True)
        # Good, we could import "name" as a module relative to the "imported_module".
      except astroid.AstroidImportError:
          args=(name, modname),
      except astroid.AstroidBuildingException:
        # Some other error.

def register(linter):

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