In Excel 2016 Get & Transform ("Power Query") it appears to be totally valid to have a field (column) name containing a slash character. However, when I try to reference this column, I can't find any way to escape the slash to make the reference work. How can I do this?

Specifically, the following code is accepted:

Table.AddColumn(#"Capitalize", "ABC Table", each Table.FromColumns({Text.Split([ABC], ",")}))

...but the following is not:

Table.AddColumn(#"Capitalize", "ABC Table", each Table.FromColumns({Text.Split([ABC / DEF], ",")}))

...presumably because of the slash in [ABC / DEF].

How can I escape this slash?


Try using [#"ABC / DEF"] instead of [ABC / DEF].

  • Thanks, one of the few combinations I hadn't tried...! – Matt Wenham Jul 12 '17 at 16:44
  • For anyone else that might been confused, the [ ] part is record notation, irrelevant from the field name issue with the special character. So any field name with special characters can be referred to with #"field with special / character". – Wtower May 27 at 13:50

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