I need to install an ipa file via Safari. I'm using this thred to lean how to do HERE but I'm not able to install it. I'm running iOS 11 beta 3 and probably I'm not able to obtain license to install app. In which way can I do it? I'm using this scheme to compile manifest.plist and I toke data from iTunesMetadata.plist stored into ipa file. I have all the permissions to install ipa (from developer) but I'm not able to install it.


Alternative way to install via Safari:

I understood that by doing all these steps you want to install your .ipa file on your iPhone through the link. The same benefit is offering by different services like Diawi. Installing using this links are very easy.

  • Thx! Yes, it's really good but I would to learn how to do manually. – A M Jul 12 '17 at 19:16

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