Here the part of the stacktrace where I have a problem:


File: /var/www/html/zf2/vendor/zendframework/zendframework/library/Zend/Stdlib/Hydrator/ArraySerializable.php:28 Message: Zend\Stdlib\Hydrator\ArraySerializable::extract expects the provided object to implement getArrayCopy() Stack trace:

0 /var/www/html/zf2/vendor/zendframework/zendframework/library/Zend/Form/Fieldset.php(631): Zend\Stdlib\Hydrator\ArraySerializable->extract(Object(BookList\Model\Book))

1 /var/www/html/zf2/vendor/zendframework/zendframework/library/Zend/Form/Form.php(942): Zend\Form\Fieldset->extract()

2 /var/www/html/zf2/vendor/zendframework/zendframework/library/Zend/Form/Form.php(303): Zend\Form\Form->extract()

3 /var/www/html/zf2/module/BookList/src/BookList/Controller/BookController.php(59): Zend\Form\Form->bind(Object(BookList\Model\Book))

The action method in my Controller that call bind:

public function editAction()
   $id = (int) $this->params()->fromRoute('id', 0);
     if (!$id) {
         return $this->redirect()->toRoute('book');

     try {
          $book = $this->getBookTable()->getBook($id);
      catch (\Exception $ex) {
          return $this->redirect()->toRoute('book', array(
              'action' => 'index'

    $form  = new BookForm();
    $form->bind($book); // this is the line 59 of BookController
    $form->get('submit')->setAttribute('value', 'Edit');

    $request = $this->getRequest();
    if ($request->isPost()) {

         if ($form->isValid()) {

             // Redirect to list of books
             return $this->redirect()->toRoute('book');

    return array(
        'id' => $id,
        'form' => $form,

I checked also the BookTable class to see the object returned from the resulset and it's an istance of Book.

Than I opened the ArratSerializable.php and check the object passed and tre response is:

BookList\Model\Book Object ( [id] => 5 [author] => Gotye [title] => Making Mirrors [inputFilter:protected] => )

So it's a correct object, why doesn't it work?


How the result is returned you generally tell that to the ResultSet object while building your model. You actually set a prototype there for returning your result set saying, hey! "Use this prototype" which is, in your case, Book model. It does have a method called getArrayCopy() which is missing. That actually rises error in this case. So please add this to the Book model thus

class Book 
    // other properties and methods should be here

    // add this method here
    public function getArrayCopy()
        return get_object_vars($this);
  • Ohhhhh I need to create this function by myself...Thanks very much... – Salvio Jul 12 '17 at 17:08
  • You are welcome! :) – unclexo Jul 12 '17 at 17:10
  • 1
    For this reason it's a callable on the object in the extract method... :) – Salvio Jul 12 '17 at 17:11
  • 1
    Yeah! You are right in that sense! :) – unclexo Jul 12 '17 at 17:17

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