I want to know how to send custom header (or metadata) using Python gRPC. I looked into documents and I couldn't find anything.

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I figured out reading the code. You can send a metadata param to the function call, where metadata is a tuple of 2-tuples:

metadata = (('md-key', 'some value'),
            ('some-md-key', 'another value'))
response = stub.YourFunctionCall(request=request, metadata=metadata)
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    More recently this needs to be a list of 2-tuples: metadata = [('k1', 'v1'), ('k2', 'v2')]
    – Olshansky
    Sep 28, 2017 at 21:53
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    If you have only one header, like for example, metadata = (('md-key', 'some value')) this code will fail. You have to add them as array as follows: metadata = [('md-key', 'some value')]
    – Avión
    Apr 5, 2019 at 14:01
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    It's not so much that the request fails but that Python won't interpret that as a 2-tuple. You can also use metadata = (('md-key', 'some value'), )
    – James S
    Feb 21, 2020 at 2:12

Pls read the example in github. For example:

        response, call = stub.SayHello.with_call(
                ('initial-metadata-1', 'The value should be str'),
                 b'With -bin surffix, the value can be bytes'),
                ('accesstoken', 'gRPC Python is great'),

Or if you want to define a interceptor

        metadata = []
        if client_call_details.metadata is not None:
            metadata = list(client_call_details.metadata)
        client_call_details = _ClientCallDetails(
            client_call_details.method, client_call_details.timeout, metadata,

Something important is that the metadata's key can not has upper case character (It has troubled me for a long time).


If you metadata has one key/value you can only use list(eg: [(key, value)]) ,If you metadata has Mult k/v you should use list(eg: [(key1, value1), (key2,value2)]) or tuple(eg: ((key1, value1), (key2,value2))

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