When I run my Groovy script via the command-line or Jenkins, I am getting an "unable to resolve class" error.

I have the following 2 groovy files within the same folder in C:\Users\myuser\git\productname\mycompany-build\src\main\groovy\com\mycompany\build


package com.mycompany.build

class Foo {

  Foo() {

  public void runBar() {
    Bar bar = new Bar();
    bar.name = "my name";

  static void main(String[] args) {
    Foo foo = new Foo();


package com.mycompany.build

class Bar {
  String name;

I run Foo.groovy using the command-line.

I am located within the following directory when I run Groovy:


This is what I enter on the command-line (cmd):

C:/java/tools/groovy-2.4.11/bin/groovy -cp C:/Users/myuser/git/myproject/mycompany-build/src/main/groovy/com/mycompany/build Foo.groovy

I get the following where it is unable to find the class "Bar", but the Bar.groovy file is in the same directory as Foo.groovy, not to mention that I do specify the -cp as well.

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
C:\Users\myuser\git\myproject\mycompany-build\src\main\groovy\com\mycompany\build\Foo.groovy: 9: unable to resolve class Bar
 @ line 9, column 9.
       Bar bar = new Bar();

C:\Users\myuser\git\myproject\mycompany-build\src\main\groovy\com\mycompany\build\Foo.groovy: 9: unable to resolve class Bar
 @ line 9, column 15.
       Bar bar = new Bar();

2 errors

Can you please advise on how I can get this running from the command-line?

Once I am able to get this running, I plan to run this within a Jenkins job. I started off attempting to run this within a Jenkins job, but got the same issue which led me to look at running it off the command-line first.

I did attempt this with forward-slashes and back-slashes, but with no difference in behaviour.

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Your problem in classpath and package usage.

To get it work

1. if your class declared in a package com.mycompany.build then groovy/java will look for it in the folder com/mycompany/build relatve to classpath. so you need exclude package-folders from your classpath:

groovy -cp C:\Users\myuser\git\productname\mycompany-build\src\main\groovy Foo.groovy

2. you can remove package declaration in both classes. in this case groovy/java will look for classes without package-folder prefix in your classpath: C:\Users\myuser\git\productname\mycompany-build\src\main\groovy\com\mycompany\build and your command should work. And if your current folder is folder with groovy classes then command could be simpler:

groovy -cp . Foo.groovy

According to the docs, in classpath you can have only .jar, .zip and .class files. The class Bar cannot be resolced because it is a .java file, not a compiled Java class (.class).

The following works for me:

C:/java/tools/groovy-2.4.11/bin/groovyc Bar.groovy
C:/java/tools/groovy-2.4.11/bin/groovy Foo.groovy
my name

Also note that since Bar.class is in the same folder as Foo.groovy, you don't need to specify the classpath.

I think you just need to set the classpath argument to the directory containing the classes i.e. the one with productname as opposed to myproject

C:/java/tools/groovy-2.4.11/bin/groovy -cp C:\Users\myuser\git\productname\mycompany-build\src\main\groovy\com\mycompany\build Foo.groovy

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