I'm following steps from updating global packages, so I executed npm outdated -g --depth=0 and got:

Package     Current  Wanted  Latest  Location
typescript    2.2.2   2.2.2   2.4.1

Then, I executed npm update -g, but I still got the same output from npm outdated -g --depth=0.

Executing npm list -g --depth=0 also confirms that the typescript package has not been updated to 2.4.1:

+-- bower@1.8.0
+-- gulp@3.9.1
+-- typescript@2.2.2
`-- typings@2.1.1

What am I missing?


You will have to either use this script or do them one by one it seems.

This global update is a known breaking point. Here is the reference to this issue. They seem to have closed it without addressing the issue

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    Got it. It seems the scripts simply does npm -g install <package> for each package. So I typed that on the Windows console and it updated each package to its latest version. Thank you! – kiewic Jul 13 '17 at 8:05

You can also install specific version:

npm install -g typescript@2.4.1

As of now, there is no one simple command that does this.

You can use the following steps instead to find outdated packages and update them one by one.

  1. Determining which global packages need updating: To see which global packages need to be updated, on the command line, run:

    npm outdated -g --depth=0
  2. Updating a single global package: To update a single global package, on the command line, run:

    npm update -g <package_name>

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