I am trying to create a R package with Rcpp.

The main code I want to export is in C++ but it relies on other C++ and C scripts.

My project looks like this :

├── R
│   └── RcppExports.R
├── README.md
├── Read-and-delete-me
├── inst
│   ├── include
│   │   ├── Generate_RQMC.hpp
│   │   ├── Get_seed.hpp
│   │   ├── HilbertCode.hpp
│   │   └── SamplePack
│   │       ├── DB_NX.h
│   │       ├── DB_ShiftNets.h
│   │       ├── DigitalNetsBase2.h
│   │       ├── Measurements.h
│   │       └── RadicalInversesBase2.h
│   └── libsqmc_main.a
├── man
│   └── RSQMC-package.Rd
└── src
    ├── Makevars
    ├── RSQMC.so
    ├── RcppExports.cpp
    ├── RcppExports.o
    ├── SQMC.cpp
    ├── SQMC.o
    └── libqmc
        ├── Generate_RQMC.cpp
        ├── Generate_RQMC.o
        ├── Get_seed.cpp
        ├── Get_seed.o
        ├── HilbertCode.cpp
        ├── HilbertCode.o
        └── SamplePack
            ├── DigitalNetsBase2.C
            ├── Measurements.C
            ├── dn2dpro.C
            ├── dnmeasure.C
            ├── ricapdisc.C
            ├── rimeasure.C
            ├── rivis.C
            └── tparam.C

Where libsqmc.so is the shared library grouping all the scripts in the folder R_Functions.

In the main.cpp file I want to call a function from Generate_RQMC.hpp so I added the following line at the beginning of my script :

#include "SQMC_scripts/R_Functions/include/Generate_RQMC.hpp" 

When I run


I get the following error :

Error in dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, ...) : unable to load shared object '/private/var/folders/37/vpwyrl2j2bxdj91kh9fktzk00000gn/T/RtmpybFnDv/Rinst2f1e7114fbd2/RSQMC/libs/RSQMC.so': dlopen(/private/var/folders/37/vpwyrl2j2bxdj91kh9fktzk00000gn/T/RtmpybFnDv/Rinst2f1e7114fbd2/RSQMC/libs/RSQMC.so, 6): Symbol not found: __Z16MyFunctioniii Referenced from: /private/var/folders/37/vpwyrl2j2bxdj91kh9fktzk00000gn/T/RtmpybFnDv/Rinst2f1e7114fbd2/RSQMC/libs/RSQMC.so Expected in: flat namespace in /private/var/folders/37/vpwyrl2j2bxdj91kh9fktzk00000gn/T/RtmpybFnDv/Rinst2f1e7114fbd2/RSQMC/libs/RSQMC.so Error: loading failed Execution halted ERROR: loading failed * removing ‘/private/var/folders/37/vpwyrl2j2bxdj91kh9fktzk00000gn/T/RtmpybFnDv/Rinst2f1e7114fbd2/RSQMC’

MyFunction is the function I am trying to call in the main file from Generate_RQMC.hpp.

I modified the Makevars by adding -I".../src/SQMC_scripts/include" to PKG_LIBS but it does not change anything.

I am using macOS Sierra 10.12.5, R 3.3.2 and Rcpp 0.12.11.


I modified my Makevars which looks like this now :


SOURCES=$(wildcard SQMC_scripts/*.cpp SQMC_scripts/*/*.C)

OBJECTS = SQMC.o RcppExports.o $(SOURCES:.cpp=.o)

PKG_CXXFLAGS = -I".../RSQMC/src/" 


all: $(SHLIB)

$(OBJECTS): clean

clean:  @rm -f $(OBJECTS)

But I still have the same kind of errors (for different classes and functions defined in the SQMC_scripts folder) eg :

Symbol not found: __ZN19DigitalNetGeneratorC1E4_dgtj

DigitalNetGenerator is a class defined in the C file DigitalNetsBase2.

Update 2

I finally managed to make it work thanks to coatless' answer and this repository.

Here is my Makevars file if it can be of any help for others :

$(info The compilation root directory is: $(ROOT_DIR))                          
$(info The name of the shared library to be created is: $(SHLIB))               

PKG_CPPFLAGS= -Dlibqmc_core_shared_EXPORTS -I../inst -I../inst/include
PKG_LIBS= -L../inst -lsqmc_main -lgsl -lCGAL -lgslcblas
LIBS= -L./ -L../inst

SOURCES_C = ./libqmc/SamplePack/DigitalNetsBase2.C ./libqmc/SamplePack/dn2dpro.C ./libqmc/SamplePack/dnmeasure.C ./libqmc/SamplePack/Measurements.C ./libqmc/SamplePack/ricapdisc.C ./libqmc/SamplePack/rimeasure.C ./libqmc/SamplePack/rivis.C  ./libqmc/SamplePack/tparam.C

SOURCES_CPP= ./libqmc/Generate_RQMC.cpp ./libqmc/Get_seed.cpp ./libqmc/HilbertCode.cpp

OBJECTS = SQMC.o RcppExports.o $(SOURCES_CPP:.cpp=.o) $(SOURCES_C:.c=.o)

#all: $(SHLIB)

all: $(SHLIB) ../inst/libsqmc_main.a

$(SHLIB): $(OBJECTS) ../inst/libsqmc_main.a 

../inst/libsqmc_main.a: $(OBJECTS)
    ar -rvs ../inst/libsqmc_main.a $(OBJECTS)
  • FWIW, I ran into a similar problem (functions defined in .c and referenced from .cpp resulting in "symbol not found"), and solved it by adding extern "C" { ... } around the #include directives. – Joe Cheng Oct 20 '17 at 21:51

Package subdirectories are a fun topic covered in Section 1.1.5: Package subdirectories in Writing R Extensions. Unfortunately, it leaves a bit out. So, this question comes up a bit... In fact, I had a similar variant of it as it related to Rcpp Attribute use in subfolders. (Spoiler: Can't use attributes in src/ subfolders...)

Unfortunately, the only way to do that with folders within the src directory is to modify the Makevars file as indicated in the later half of Section 1.2.1: Using Makevars in Writing R Extensions.

So, something along the lines of:

SOURCES=$(wildcard subfolder/*.cpp subfolder2/*.cpp)

OBJECTS = toplevelsrcfile.o RcppExports.o $(SOURCES:.cpp=.o)


all: $(SHLIB)

    @rm -f $(OBJECTS)

Should work...

Note, in your case the toplevelsrcfile.o should be SQMC.o.

Not sure about why symbols.rds is in src/ though...

  • Thanks for following up. – Dirk Eddelbuettel Jul 13 '17 at 16:22
  • Thank you for your answer, I modified my makevars file but it does not change the error message (see my updated question). – N. Ruchers Jul 14 '17 at 9:52
  • I think the include paths of SQMC might be inaccurate. But, the above is the appropriate way to go compiling and linking subdirectories. Looks like you also have .C files... This means you need SOURCES_C = $(wildcard subfolder/*.c) and OBJECTS = toplevelsrcfile.o RcppExports.o $(SOURCES:.cpp=.o) $(SOURCES_C:.c=.o) – coatless Jul 14 '17 at 21:43

You need to first drop into the subdirectory of src/ and compile your included code, probably into a static library (or just a bunch of .o files) which you can then reference from your src/Makevars.

There are packages doing that but I can't think of a great or canonical reference. I tend to prefer external libraries.

As an alternative, you could just drop all C++ files into src/ and R will take of the build. You may have to adjust #include path in the files.

  • Thanks for your answer, I tried the second option (drop all files into src/) but I get similar errors for other functions (maybe because there is a mix of C and C++ ?). I will try the first option. – N. Ruchers Jul 13 '17 at 15:02
  • If the code is on GitHub, and I have nothing better to do, I could take a quick look this evening and help you out. Documenting these use cases better is something I have been thinking about of late, but have nothing formal to show. – Dirk Eddelbuettel Jul 13 '17 at 15:07
  • This would be really nice, thank you ! You can find the code here – N. Ruchers Jul 13 '17 at 15:33
  • I looked at it, but it is quite frankly a bit of sprawling mess. HilbertCode.cpp has a dependency on a header not included. Your improved Makevars does not account for the directory levels, nor the .C files. To be frank, I would scrap this and start over. From a much simpler starting point. – Dirk Eddelbuettel Jul 14 '17 at 14:25
  • Thank you very much for your answer and your patience. I am able to group every files from the SQMC_scripts folder into a .so file, can I maybe reference this file from the makevars file ? – N. Ruchers Jul 14 '17 at 14:49

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