After installing the most recent update to STS 3.9.0, my Ctrl+Shift+O keyboard to Organize Imports is no longer working. The key shortcut exists in Preferences->General->Keys ("Keys" preferences) but is missing in the Source menu ("Source" menu).

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This is a bug. You can workaround it by fixing the Eclipse shortcut keys preferences.

From the bug report:

here is how you can fix that issue:

Go to the Preferences -> General -> Keys press Filters... and de-select Filter uncategorized commands. Look for the command "Go To Symbol in File" and select that, press unbind and Apply and Close

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    After following above steps, the bug doesn't come back. Works fine. Commented Jul 28, 2017 at 8:40

Another way to fix this that survives STS restarts is to go: Preferences -> General -> Keys and change the "When" value to 'Editing Java Source'.

This is how I have my settings and works for me


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