I have an iOS App that basically runs a mobile website using a WkWebView. In the mobile website users can sign in using a Google account.

Due to the fact that google will not allow WebViews to use Google Sign in anymore, how can i login my users?

I think of two solutions:

  1. Intercept the google login URL (account.google.com/) and open a SFSafariViewController and then somehow get the callback in my WkWebView?

    1. Intercept the google login URL and use a Google Sign in SDK which relays on the SFsafariViewController but will give me only an userToken which i would have to send to my website and authenticate the user in the server side.

Is there an easy way to authenticate the user without dealing with the tokens?

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I solved it.

Basically when the WkWebkit launches the account.google.com URL i intercept it and launch the Google native library for sign in, which launches a SFSafariViewController (in iOS 9+, falls back to a WebView in previous versions). When the user finishes logginng in , i get a URL call to my app which i handle in the app delegate and get the User information.

In the user object, there comes a serverAuthcode which is the one i need to send to my backend server for it to authenticate the google user. (I basically recreate the oauth callback URL that the server expects)


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