Does for Perl6/Rakudo already exist something like perl5's "perldoc -f function_name" for build-in-functions which gives me a short and quick usage instruction?


Here is the tool you are looking for:

If you don't have it installed, install it with zef:

zef install p6doc

If you don't have zef installed, install it from zef's github repo.


Hmm... This may not be exactly what you want, but:

Perl6::Doc - all useful Perl 6 Docs in your command line

This includes p6doc command line utility, which can be used to read Synopses thusly:

p6doc s05    # Browse Synopsis 05

The full list of synopsis is available here: http://perlcabal.org/syn/ ; Perl 6's built-in functions is s29: http://perlcabal.org/syn/S29.html

I never saw an individual per-function documentation like perldoc -f fname, though.

Also, on a related note there's a Periodic Table of Perl 6 operators

  • I tried this, but I get only an error-message: "If 'p6doc' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this: cnf p6doc". There is not much in my Doc.pm. – sid_com Dec 22 '10 at 19:08
  • @sid - they may have removed the program from the latest (0.47) distribution - it was there in 0.36 one. – DVK Dec 22 '10 at 22:20
  • The Synopses don't look as bad as I thought they would be. – sid_com Dec 23 '10 at 5:59

Unfortunately, Perl6 doesn't come with a perldoc command. (Like Perl 5 in fact, even though most of Linux distributions, except Debian, come with a functional perldoc).

So you have to install it.

Following Perl6 documentation (https://docs.perl6.org/programs/02-reading-docs), you have to zef it.

zef install p6doc

... and on my Centos, it didn't work, because p6doc is installed in rakudo folder, not in a bin directory, groumpf.

So I ln it also :)

ln -s /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/site/bin/p6doc /usr/bin

Enjoy now, life in Perl world is always better with a perldoc at hand.


The perl --doc is actually a red herring.

The command is "p6doc"

% p6doc
What documentation do you want to read?
Examples: p6doc Type::Str
          p6doc Type::Str.split

You can also look up specific method/routine definitions:
          p6doc -f push

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