Using R, I want to find the row number based on whether two cell values in the given row matches.

Below code tells me the output value is true, but I was expecting the row number for the matched cell.

> which(Data[1, 2] == 2 & Data[1,3] == 3)
[1] 1

Is this the correct approach? If not, please suggest better method to find the row number given the two cells holds comparing value. Thanks.

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    Your code only compares the first row, so the answer will always be 1 or nothing. To compare them all, which(Data[, 2] == 2 & Data[,3] == 3) should do it. Provide a reproducible example with desired result for more. – Rich Scriven Jul 14 '17 at 22:31

@RichScriven answered this in comment section above.


> which(Data[, 2] == 2 & Data[,3] == 3)
[1] 40

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