validation_split says: "hey give me all the input data – I will take care of splitting between test and validation".

model.fit(inputX, inputY, validation_split=0.20, epochs=10, batch_size=10)

validation_data says "please give me explicitly the validation data"

model.fit(inputX, inputY, validation_data=(testX,testY), epochs=10, batch_size=10)

Is there any hidden trick or something I am missing apart from my understanding?


No, everything is correct. One potential reason behind this separation is that sometimes people have training and validation data separately (in many academic datasets) and sometimes you have all the data and can split it anyway you want.


If you use validation_data option, you need to prepare the validataion data and train data seperately, which would take more energy to do. Afterwards, the validation_split option allows you to merely input whole bunch of data and split it inside. Somehow, it is better to save time.

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