I'm using mac, and in VSCode, the default terminal is what mac has as terminal. I've installed iterm(version2), Under bash command line I cannot find a direct executable

which iterm

It gives nothing.

I wish to use it as default termainl inside VSCode. How to configure this?

  • I don't have VSCode but the executable file for iTerm2 is /Applications/iTerm.app/Contents/MacOS/iTerm2 by default. You can find it by running ps -ef | grep iTerm. – Hamid Rohani Jul 15 '17 at 12:52

You can set the external terminal to iTerm in VS Code adding the following configuration to you user settings:

"terminal.external.osxExec": "iTerm.app",

And then open it from VS Code with shift + cmd + C. For the integrated terminal I think you cannot change the application used because both VS Code's integrated terminal and iTerm are just terminal emulators. You can change the shell used with "terminal.integrated.shell.osx", which is set to "/bin/bash" by default.

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