I'm trying to return several separate lines of text from a function with nice formatting. The way I'm doing it currently adds an extra line at the end that I don't want. How can I format this better?

def myfunction():
    mystring = ''
    for letter in 'cat':
        mystring += letter + '\n'
    return mystring

Right now the output is:

<this is a blank line at the end>

How can I get rid of that blank line?


As pointed out by @vaultah (in the comments) you should use str.join instead of string addition. join also takes care of the trailing newline:

def myfunction():
    return '\n'.join('cat')

Note that string addition is generally a bad idea, because it involves a lot of reallocations and can be much slower than str.join.

  • The suggestion was quite trivial, you really didn't have to add the attribution... – vaultah Jul 15 '17 at 19:22

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