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I need a delay before executing certain function in java script. I could use setTimeout but the problem is I have two variables passed to function. I need to syntax for setTimeout in this case.Can anyone help?

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function something(val1, val2){
 return val1+val2;
}, 50);
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In any modern JavaScript environment, you can include arguments after the interval:

setTimeout(foo, 2000, 'a', 'b');

That will call foo('a', 'b') after 2000ms.

In obsolete JavaScript environments (such as those in some obsolete browsers), you have to use a wrapper function:

setTimeout(function() {
    foo('a', 'b');
}, 2000);

but, there's a big difference between those two: In the first case, any expressions are evaluated when you call setTimeout and the result of that evaluation is what gets sent to setTimeout and ultimately to foo, whereas with the wrapper function, the evaluation happens after the delay, later, when foo is called.

You can get the same evaluation behavior as the first by using Function#bind:

setTimeout(foo.bind(null, 'a', 'b'), 2000);

Here's an example of the difference:

var a = 1;
setTimeout(foo, 100, a);            // foo will show 1
a = 2;
setTimeout(foo.bind(null, a), 100); // foo will show 2
setTimeout(function() {
    foo(a);                         // foo will show 3 even though
                                    // we set it *after* scheduling
                                    // the call
}, 100);
a = 3;

function foo(value) {

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setTimout(function () {
  yourfunction(variable1, variable2)
}, delay)

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