I just started learning Clojure and I'd like to get two keywords from a vector of maps.

Let's say there's a vector

(def a [{:id 1, :description "bla", :amount 12, :type "A", :other "x"} {:id 2, :description "blabla", :amount 10, :type "B", :other "y"}])

And I'd like to get a new vector

[{"bla" 12} {"blabla" 10}]

How can I do that?? Thanks!


You can use mapv to map over the source vector. Within the transform function you can destructure each map to extract the keys you want and construct the result:

(mapv (fn [{:keys [description amount]}] {description amount}) a)

Assuming you want the :description and :amount separately, not maps that map one to the other, you can use juxt to retrieve both at the same time:

(mapv (juxt :description :amount) a)
;; => [["bla" 12] ["blabla" 10]]

If you actually did mean to make maps, you can use for instance apply and hash-map to do that:

(mapv #(apply hash-map ((juxt :description :amount) %)) a)
;; => [{"bla" 12} {"blabla" 10}]
(mapv #(hash-map (:description %) (:amount %)) a)

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