I'm using this for creating a BitmapFont:

Public class MyBitmapFont implements Screen{

    public MyBitmapFont(){
    font = new BitmapFont();
    FreeTypeFontGenerator generator = new          
    FreeTypeFontGenerator.FreeTypeFontParameter parameter = new FreeTypeFontGenerator.FreeTypeFontParameter();
    parameter.size = 10;


When I'm using in another Screen this.setScreen(new MyBitmapFont()) to switch in MyBitmapFont Screen it needs round about 3 seconds to load this Screen. Is there any efficient solution?

  • First of all, you're not creating BitmapFont from FreeTypeFontGenerator.

    Generate font from FreeTypeFontGenerator :

    BitmapFont font = generator.generateFont(parameter);

    instead of by using BitmapFont default constructor

    font = new BitmapFont();
  • If you notice some delay, use AssetManager and load all your assets (texture, fonts, sound...) asynchronously and get your resource form assetmanager whenever you needed. Check this answer that explain font loading to AssetManager using .ttf file.

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