From apple document:

Each view controller manages a view hierarchy, the root view of which is stored in the view property of this class. The root view acts primarily as a container for the rest of the view hierarchy. The size and position of the root view is determined by the object that owns it, which is either a parent view controller or the app’s window. The view controller that is owned by the window is the app’s root view controller and its view is sized to fill the window.


enter image description here

As in the picture i understand that each view controller will have a window which is the root view. However, each app has only 1 window. In case of multiple view controllers in an app, I feel a little contradictory here . Where is my wrong understanding. Please help! Thanks


The diagram is not stating that every viewcontroller has its own window, it's merely stating that every viewcontroller has its own REFERENCE to the app's window. The root view controller's superview is the window of the app.

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