How can I find the variable type in Kotlin? In Java there is instanceof, but in Kotlin it does not exist:

val properties = System.getProperties() // Which type?

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You can do it like this:

val number = 5

// Get type of variable
println(number::class.simpleName)    // "Int"
println(number::class.qualifiedName) // "kotlin.Int"

// Check for specific type
if(number is Int) {
   println("number is of type Int")

You can also get the type of a class as String using reflection:

println(Int::class.simpleName)    // "Int"
println(Int::class.qualifiedName) // "kotlin.Int"

Please note:

On the Java platform, the runtime component required for using the reflection features is distributed as a separate JAR file (kotlin-reflect.jar). This is done to reduce the required size of the runtime library for applications that do not use reflection features. If you do use reflection, please make sure that the .jar file is added to the classpath of your project. (Source)


You can use like this:

val value="value"
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    This adds nothing new to the matter. You just use typeName of java.lang.Class<T> instead of the qualifiedName of KCLass<T> (more Kotlin-ish) as I've shown in my answer stackoverflow.com/a/45165263/1788806 which was the previously chosen one. Commented Nov 4, 2021 at 11:51
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you can get the class name with properties::class.simpleName

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    You can also use properties.javaClass.simpleName
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Just a minor detail between mentioned answers.

var x = "X"
println(x::class.simpleName) // prints String

This code uses Reflection under the hood when you decompile it to Java bytecode and it looks like this Reflection.getOrCreateKotlinClass(x.getClass()).getSimpleName()

var y = "Y"
println(y.javaClass.simpleName) // prints String

And this would compile down to y.getClass().getSimpleName() and it's about 50 milliseconds faster.


If you want the class type in Kotlin (as opposed to Java):

val value="value"

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