How can I find the variable type in Kotlin? In Java there is instanceof, but Kotlin does not exist:

val properties = System.getProperties() // Which type?

You can use reflection to do that:

val widget = ...
println("${widget::class.qualifiedName}") // with package name or...
println("${widget::class.simpleName}")    // ... only class name

Please note:

On the Java platform, the runtime component required for using the reflection features is distributed as a separate JAR file (kotlin-reflect.jar). This is done to reduce the required size of the runtime library for applications that do not use reflection features. If you do use reflection, please make sure that the .jar file is added to the classpath of your project.

Source: https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/reflection.html#bound-class-references-since-11

To test for a specific type you can use the is operator.

if(widget is Widget) {
   // ...
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    +1, but I'd describe the is operator first. Seems to me the OP asked explicitly about an instanceof equivalent, so is seems more accurate to me than reflection. – LPeteR90 May 8 '18 at 12:26

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