A library I'm using is structured as

declare namespace foo {
  function bar();

declare namespace foo.bar {
  function baz();

So the two functions I need to mock are foo.bar() and foo.bar.baz().

To mock foo.bar() I was previously using


jest.mock('foo', () => ({
  bar: () => mockedBar,

Is there any way to mock foo.bar.baz()? I tried

jest.mock('foo.bar', () => ({

But it's showing a message Cannot find module 'foo.bar' from 'functions.test.js'.


You can define a custom mock for your module in a __mocks__ folder in your project root (defined in jest config!). So you can create __mocks__/foo.js with mocked foo module functions and Jest automatically loads this module for test purposes. Also you can specify custom path to your mock:

jest.mock('foo', () => jest.requireActual('../some/another/folder/foo.js'));

Check a Jest manual for more info

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